moon lee. artist statement(s)

print (drypoint printmaking) artist statement:

"이번 여행에서 많은 것을 느끼면서 여행을 하게 되었다 .

현재에 시간과 옛날의 시간사이가 멈추어진 느낌 같은 것이다

혼 이라는 그 자체는 같은 느낌 인것같다.

그러면서도 다르게 느껴지는것을 표현해 보았다." -moon lee

"In my travels, I find myself thinking about my past. It is the past that I find profound and mysterious. My spirit is enriched in this profound experience in looking at my past self and comparing it to my present self." -moon lee

mixed media artist statement:

Moon Lee's work is inspired by one's spiritual connection to oneself and also to others. In society, there is an interesting dynamic between these two themes of inclusion into and seclusion from society. In both, there are lessons of self-realization, participation and contribution.

Her exploration into these themes is captured compositionally in a series of three layers.  The base layer is an organic color wash of an oil and water mixture.  This color symbolizes the precious memory of a situation.  The intermediate layer is transparent, and bridges precious memory to intense emotions of the event.  The subtle gesture of transparency is expressed with such techniques as the delicate layering of rice paper or thin monoprint strokes.  The foreground layer is the most dynamic which illustrates emotion.  Emotion is channeled though grand brush strokes of sumi ink or large spatters of red paint.  It is these three layers, as a whole that structure the spiritual connections to oneself and/or society.

artist biography:

Moon Lee attended Seoul’s Hongik University and earned a BFA in Oriental Painting. She then immigrated to the United States and then studied Printmaking at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Upon completing her studies, her art became an exploration into human relationships - to both one's self and to others. Along with her art, Moon also teaches art to students in her studio. Her commitment and growth in art stems from both professional practice and in teaching.

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